Calm and grey.

      A dismal day pike fishing out on the Fen and it seemed as calm under the water as it was above the water. No wind, no rain and no pike. The drain was like a sheet of glass with a worrying lack of bait fish showing and consequently no predators showing.
      Despite initial misgivings the conditions still looked, in my book, absolutely perfect but as darkness fell all there was to show for the afternoon was one lost fish late in the day when my concentration had wandered.
      A reminder of a comment often heard at school, 'pay attention at the back'.

      I know that there are plenty of pike, perch and zander in this particular area because I've caught them all along this few miles of drain but they definitely weren't playing ball today, just an eery quiet calm and barely the sound of even a bird.
      As darkness fell the fire and a beer began to seem ever more attractive and there's always tomorrow.
      And a beer tonight of course.