What's in a word?

      A little gem discovered by the Two Terriers very own roaming correspondent in the far North East corner of England.
      Now we're absolutely convinced that the man in charge of the Marketing Department and his advertising agency people meant 'Ratchet Straps' not "Ratshit Straps'. Although, conversely, it could be a cunning marketing concept to get the buying public engaged with his wares at the car boot.
      The quality of the 'Ratshit Straps' is given even greater credence with the clever statement that they are 'ex-army', so they must be the best.
      Everybody knows the British Army are intensely patriotic, but red and blue? Surely they'd be a little more restrained in colour. Perhaps even khaki?
      Whatever, they're a bargain.
      You could even say they're 'Ratshit hot.'