Austerity Christmas

Helpful tips. Part One

      This Christmas at the Two Terriers we have decided to cover all the bases so that your enjoyment of the 'Austerity Christmas' being forced on us by those lovely politicians will be enhanced and not diminished in any way. Over three posts before Christmas Eve the Two Terriers will cover catering, remedies, unusual presents and DIY. Amazing.
      To go with the tinned Christmas pudding and the mince pies later in the evening, how about some delicious and economical 'Mock Cream'. Just check out the recipe above and we know that your taste buds will be tingling and your mouth watering with anticipation at the thought of this treat.
      Go on, surprise and amaze your friends and relatives.

      After dinner you can smash your tin of especially home-made toffee with your claw hammer and hand the golden shards around for guests to enjoy in complete silence. It will be as if they all have lockjaw and silence will fall as they all masticate happily and if grannies false teeth get stuck together it's back to the shed for a chisel so that she can spend a pleasant half hour chipping the toffee off whilst giving it a second gumming.

      The only problem that could arise from indulging in this feast of sweet treats is, obviously, toothache. However having thoroughly spoilt your guests we even have the solution for that awful problem.
      A fig, or figs, if the ache is particularly persistent. This brilliant cure does bring its own problem so here's hoping you have the facilities to cope with the rush the next morning.
      We know how to celebrate in West Norfolk.