Austerity Christmas

Helpful tips. Part two

      The creative juices are flowing here in West Norfolk, just like those from the Christmas turkey. In part two of how to beat Austerity Christmas we are featuring presents for the children that you can create in that sanctuary at the end of the garden, no not the outside earth toilet but that male preserve, the shed.
      When the children see the pipe cleaner figures they'll soon forget that iPhone 6, iPad or the XBox. By the way it's worth noting we advise unused pipe cleaners because utilising used pipe cleaners would be taking thrift just a little too far, even for us. Just think of the objects that can be made; farmyard animals, jungle animals or Big Foot. There is just no end to what can be done.

      However this is the clincher. When the kids see you are already planning for the family holiday they will be lost in admiration, 'made up', as I believe they say.
      Imagine it, you're on holiday and there are the Germans laying out the towels on the chairs around the pool and the English arrive with their balsa and webbing buoyancy aids strapped on and strike a pose. Silence. Just the sound of lapping water as they leave the pool to you and your family.
      If you dare to be different just paint them in the colour of your choice. We can see it now.