Blot on the Fenland landscape

      We don't normally pay too much attention to wind turbines, they're just part of the landscape now, but every so often they force their way into your consciousness. We've seen swans pile into the blades in a shower of white feathers, then there's the noise when you are near them. Then you marvel at how many aren't moving on a windy day. Some friends with horses cannot ride near them on sunny days because the horses try to jump the moving shadow of the blades.
      They are a good wheeze for some people and organisations making them a load of money in subsidies, that we pay for, yet providing 'them' with a good income. Then we pay for the electricity at a premium price because of the subsidies. Neat scam. If we had made up a scam like that we would be behind bars.
      We'd like to bet that they won't age as well as Victorian engineering either. They'll all have fallen down by the time the next two hundred years are up.