Eagles, Typhoons and power lines

      The day before Christmas Eve and it was a noisy day in West Norfolk.
      Between the USAF F15 Eagles and RAF Typhoons ripping the sky up doing aerobatics and dogfighting it was a non-stop airshow. Perhaps they were all using up their allocation of fuel before the Christmas break, who knows? Even higher up were the big four engined jets from Mildenhall circling around but we couldn't hear them at all.

      Now all we have are their vapour trails, their engine's power lines high in the sky above our earthbound power lines. In fact an F15 flew into view when the middle picture was taken, it is flying from left to right so there you are; power lines, power and aerial power.
      That or he was photo-bombing the picture, but it's more likely he was on his way back to Lakenheath to see the family and get ready for the festivities.