From the back of a shed

      Pipe smoking memories from some long ago Christmas when smoking was rather more acceptable. I remember Christmas nights as a small boy when all the aunts, uncles and grandparents would come round for a drink, a smoke and a bit of a knees up. Being down at floor level playing with the train-set while the upper part of the room gradually disappeared into a blue fog of tobacco smoke from various cigars, cigarettes and pipes and people coughing so hard their ankles contracted.
      Now all we are pretty well left with are the rusting tins from the past and the memories, courtesy of Mick McQuaid and Craven A Empire De Luxe tobacco of course.
      Most importantly though you have to remember that when you were coughing your lungs up the next morning Craven 'A' cigarettes were deemed to be good for your throat.
      Now that is an oxymoron.