Round the back please

      That most secretive of ladies, dawn, has been letting us down lately because we've pretty well had a succession of drab grey starts to the day so here's a couple of dawn taken a few weeks ago to liven things up a little.
      The photographs were all taken from the rear of course.
      At the top, well, that's mother nature's mad colouring book at work and very lovely it is too. Below, that's a promise of some really stormy weather on the way so it goes to show what she can achieve if she puts her mind to it.

      If you're reading this mother nature sharpen those crayons, get colouring and give us something to smile about when we push the terriers out for a pee first thing in the morning.
      Personally I blame the jet-stream.
      She must have heard me having a moan about her because here's dawn in all her finery this morning. Fantastic.