The December one

      Here it is, this month's calendar page from the Beggarstaff Brothers and it is a rather splendid seasonal offering showing a lady skating across a frozen pond.
      The observant viewer will also notice that the lady in her winter finery and fashionable skating attire is undoubtedly a novice because she is using a chair to assist her in retaining her balance and thus her dignity. Thus there is no chance of her going on her bum with her legs in the air and showing her frills and lace to the assembled throng.
      There are no tricky swirls, spins and bolero-esque moves for her either, she's hurrying back to the snow clad to banks to patent her invention of the 'Zimmer Frame' concept and become a millionairess overnight. Maybe going on her bum with her legs in the air would distract the assembled throng and stop them getting to the Patent Office first.
      I bet Herr Zimmer is on the bank and has already got his skates on to be there first.