The banks of green willow

      The drainage board's pollarding team have been out and about on the local river doing what they do, pollarding. The willow cuttings didn't seem to be harvested for any specific purpose apart from going through a shredder.
      The willow at the top looks like reasonable job of pollarding but the perch I used to catch underneath its spreading branches will have departed to find a new home with a little more shelter, as will the pike and zander.
      The willow below looks as if it has been pollarded with the sensitivity of an army hairdresser cutting a recruits hair in the days of National Service. Hopefully the willow will recover and become a beautiful tree again but I'm not holding my breath.
      Apparently the next major project is to dredge the river to increase the depth for the boaters that use it during the summer, I shudder to think what that will do to the waterway if the same sensitivity is shown on that project.