The daily grind

      A trip into Cambridgeshire, me driving and the boss in the turret, to buy a supply of flour for bread-making. We were both looking forward to seeing the mill at Swaffham Prior in action but as luck, or bad luck, would have it there wasn't a breath of wind; not even the merest of zephyrs so the sails were totally stationary. The cross-ties up at the top of the mill were rather fine too, it can't be easy stabilising a circular building.
      Never mind we got the organic flour, all fifteen kilos of it, and the trip provided the chance for a sneaky pub lunch and a pint of fine ale. So at least that part of the plan worked.
      The adaption of tennis balls to stop you braining yourself in the cramped quarters of the mill's ground floor was a neat touch too.
      You see, the miller does think laterally not just vertically.