Lettered by hand

      Rose Cottage where the cottage owner has a dark secret, he likes letterforms and type. He told us that he had hand lettered this himself and he just liked the font. Then he sketched it out on the blanked out window that he had painted white. Climbed a ladder and painted the 'Rose Cottage' lettering freehand. Nice work.
      It may not have the longevity of the Victorian and Edwardian stone lettering, in fact it's fading already but full marks we say; the letterform is a little Victorian but it really reminds us of the 1960s.
      He's going to touch the lettering up in the summer too.


  1. Three cheers, it works! Love that beer mat by the way!! Off for a day piking tomorrow, grim and wet here today, so may be hunkered down under a brolly! TTFN Dickie

  2. Brilliant, after an elephants gestation period I found the switch. The trouble with IT(people) is everything is logical to them in their language but the have never studied type, design and type hierarchy. OK, I'll put the soapbox away. The weather is horrible here to windy, wet, driving rain. Time for a cup of tea.

    All the best,


  3. Nice font. Enjoyed the post on Caught by the River John

  4. Thanks BB, Jeff always wants me to do more CBTR articles and I've been busy/remiss because of family commitments etc. Haven't been out because of a touch of the Mexican Two Step that's been going round the village. Either way didn't dare leave the house… we've all had a dose of that at some time. Saturday I will be out however, after perch. That looked a lovely lake by the way, will the Scribbler do any more on fishing or is all posing with sticks?

    All the best, john


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