There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of rest of the UK

The soapbox. Part 1

      Apparently there's going to be an election sometime in May this year and our good friend Martin Clark at Tilley Printing in Ledbury has been printing some beer mats for 'Angry of Herefordshire', otherwise known as Jim Dening. We like the idea of political beer mats in the saloon bar and we're convinced that as the ale and cider goes down the debate will get ever livelier. Nobody will be able notice the missing apostrophe, and with the cuts we can't afford one anyway.
      Angry of West Norfolk reckons that the pub is the kind of venue where the politicians and party leaders should be debating with real people, not shouting at one another on TV debates scoring cheap and meaningless points.
      They should also get a couple of rounds in too, after all they can claim them back on their expenses.