There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of the rest of the UK

The soapbox. Part 2

      Here comes the second round of the beer mat driven political debate from 'Angry of Herefordshire' otherwise known as Jim Dening.
      This beermat has a topic printed on it that is dear to the heart of the Boss who frequently, surprisingly, has a rant at the news on the television. Come to think of it she must be the only person in the UK who does that.
      Well, maybe not.
      Right Dave, now the debate's over mine's an IPA and the boss will have a gin and tonic but with a slice of lime please. Drinks for the rest of the customers too? Lovely.
      Don't forget to ask for a receipt, we don't want another expenses scandal.


  1. Love those beer mats John, how very true! I guess though coming from Herefordshire they are cider mats? Drink up ye cider, Dickie

  2. Martin, who prints them, prints cider labels too. Check the link on TT. Piking tomorrow pm. All the best, John


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