A Jack Russell strikes

      There is nothing like a woodpile to arouse the inherent curiosity of a Jack Russell, gifted with a super rodent hunting nose as well as a permanent grudge against rats, no opportunity will be passed by.
      This is a before and after pair of pictures take fractions of a second apart.
      At the top an interesting and fresh scent has been detected and the terriers smart weapons have locked onto their target.
      Below, well, this is the end my friend. A spinning whirling blur of movement followed by a grab, a bite and a shake. Our eldest and smallest Jack Russell, Minnow, has fulfilled part of her job description. The other, by the way, is guarding the house and garden. Zealously.
      Who'd be a rat?
      If you are, remember, don't make a run for it, just hide.


  1. I bet they loved that John! Our two BT's love any sort of shed, hedge, pile or nook that may be the home of something worth chasing - they can't help themselves! The fishing has been good - chub and grayling ! Tight lines, Dickie

  2. Thanks Dickie, they're still a pair of buggers, but loveable though. John

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on Jack Russell care, here is the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R4G1PX4

  4. Thank you for comment Gordon, I'll have a look at the book today. You'll find a link to my little Terrier Book at the side of the blog under 'labels'. Time to walk them both now. All the best, John


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