Getting ready for winter, already

      In this case we are talking about next winter and there's nothing like taking the pressure off and starting filling the wood store in plenty of time.
      A couple of hours every week and those stacks of logs start building up and the odd hour replenishing the kindling stocks means that when the winter weather finally does arrive you are prepared. By the end of the summer these lovely dry buildings will be full of seasoned and split fruitwood and kindling.
      Mind you, with the weather we've been enjoying it could be snowing in a couple of days and the new stores will be brought into use early.
      Remember, be prepared and sharpen that axe Eugene.


  1. Nice stack. Our chimneys are chez Jackdaw. Now I want to play some Floyd!

  2. Well spotted BB, another Pink Floyd fan! John

  3. A pedant writes : Isn't it "Careful With That Axe Eugene ?"
    Sorry, I'll get my coat.......

  4. Yes Essex it is. Get your coat. More obscure references to come.

  5. I think we should try to crowbar song titles/lyrics into our blog posts and see who picks up on it. I can see this being a big hit with saddos like us.

  6. I've been doing it for a while and Dickie Straker, 'Where the green roads meet', has picked up on a few.
    This is the Inaugural meeting of the 'Sad Old Bastards Club'. Much better than sitting dribbling and singing along before tea and biscuits.

    Bournemouth today. I'm going for a walk when it's on. All the best, John

  7. Scribbler, I refer you to 23.02.2015 as a start

  8. This is the type of inconsequential thing thing that will occupy and amuse me for hours. Suggest you don't listen to the football results this weekend. What is the quote ? "It's not the disappointment. it's the hope I can't cope with".

  9. Bugger, too late I saw them/it.

    Can somebody tell me why football managers change a winning team? Their philosophy is lost on me.

    All the best, John


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