Going out like a lion

      During the early weeks March seemed to be easing itself in like the like the proverbial lamb but in the last few days it has making up for it trying to go out like a lion and especially so on Sunday.
      The wind rose to a frenzy of gusts and squalls that continued all afternoon and the wild, squally, stormy weather continued into the evening then passed leaving a clear sky.

      The big grey sky pictured at the top, taken from the front of the house in the mid-afternoon, gave us an inch of rain in an hour and made the drive look like a river. At times the rain was so heavy you could actually hear it hitting the house and all the while the wind blasted the rain horizontally making it sound like gravel hitting the windows.
      A day later and the wind has abated a little but it still blowing a gale, just not such a bad gale.
      Stormy weather indeed and March just rages on, and on, and on, with the wind force building-up and here it comes again.