Holiday necessities for Castle Dracula

      If you are off to Transylvania, and the Carpathians in particular this summer, or at anytime for that matter, The Two Terriers are able to supply you with a very necessary holiday accessory.
      Wooden stakes.
      Everyone of these posts, they used to support fruit trees, are about six feet long so each one will supply you with a further four perfect stakes and as a bonus they'll fit neatly into your carry-on luggage.
      Much more important than deodorant and aftershave believe me.
      Castle Dracula, the Count's home in Transylvania, is in fact called Bran Castle and worryingly that name is frighteningly close to Brancaster, a fashionable watering hole on the North Norfolk coast. I can see a disturbing link developing here.
      I fear we must cast our eyes seawards, and watch diligently for a ship with black sails, with the Captain lashed to wheel and drifting on the gentle swell in the fog off the North Norfolk Coast.
      The Boss is ordering the extra garlic as you read this and remember, stay away from the North Norfolk coast after dark.
      Oh, and don't forget a good smear of garlic instead of deodorant, under the arms and behind the ears, it all helps.
      Meanwhile, West Norfolk is prepared.