Sourdough perfection. Sweet

      Over the last month or so the boss has gradually mastered the art of making traditional sourdough bread and this loaf made with locally ground flour and baked in a covered stone mould has turned out brilliantly.
      Apparently sourdough is one of the earliest kinds of leavened bread that there is. It takes six days to make the starter or levain from just basically flour and water and then you can start the loaf. Retain some starter, feeding it regularly and off you go again, bit like having a pet really. Now you know, and also the left-over starter makes fantastic pancakes and waffles.
      As chief home-made bread taster, a position of great responsibility that someone has to carry out, all I can say is that it tastes brilliant. Particularly as a double decker, three slice egg and bacon sandwich, or a sausage and fried onion sandwich.
      I think I'm feeling hungry now. How about a hunk of bread with cheese and onion and a pint of IPA?
      That works for me.


  1. Sounds good, can you stretch to an Abbott?

  2. Absolutely anytime, I do like Marstons strong IPA and Shepherd Neame's IPA too. I like all beer, let's face it! Nice pike too BB, I blanked Saturday the conditions were terrible and the drains were very clear. That's the second blank this season and Boro chucked it away too. John

  3. Can't beat fresh crusty bread. Me and Bure Boy are having a session after perch on a private, seldom fished little lake tomorrow. More fish will be caught tomorrow than on our last trip, that's for sure.
    Tight at the top now, Ipswich falling away badly.

  4. Boro are all over the place, the pressure is beginning to take its toll I fear. 24 or 26 shots at Forest and one goal. pathetic. I'd hypnotise the strikers. The Perch and Pike seem to have scattered, like the baitfish, in the clear water. I'm out Wednesday and Friday but saturday was the only day this season I haven't had a take or lost a fish. Please be wet, grey and raining not bright sunshine…

    All the best, John

  5. Hmm, interesting what you say about the weather. I'd rather have a bright day, albeit with a good breeze on most waters. I hate fishing in the rain, give me sun any day.

  6. Strange how one weather condition is disliked and another loved. I've had some great days in the rain, particularly reservoir fishing for trout. On saturday on one small drain, 25' wide, the waves were well over a foot high and I could still see the bait on the bottom in three to four feet of water. No bait fish means no pike or perch, anyway I'll see what tomorrow is like. All the best, John


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