The lazy wind is back

      A couple of hours pike fishing on Saturday and two fish caught, two missed and one fish lost. The spoiler on the day was the howling gale laced with intermittent showers and, whatever the mercury said and whatever the temperature reading was, it felt like minus ten. 
      By the end of three hours I had lost all sense of feeling in my hands, in fact the water felt warmer and that was freezing bloody cold. It's back, the return of the lazy wind, cutting straight through insulated clothing and as many layers as you care to wear, to chill you to the bone.
      I can't really claim the first fish. I had just baited up with the regulation small roach when the wind tangled the line around the reel. The bait was about a foot out from the reeds while I untangled the loops and bang a pike was on in seconds. Four pounds in weight if you were lucky. The second pike, ten minutes later, was bigger and it began to look as if I was going to be so busy landing pike that I wouldn't be feeling the cold.
      Wrong again.
      The fire in the wood burner looked good when I got home believe me, but I'll be back for more punishment next week


  1. Do you return all the pike or, like my friend who lives near Coniston, do you take them home to eat?

  2. I return them all Absinthe. I use a single barbless treble hook and although this means I lose a few most outings I never worry about that. The immigrants that live and work in Fenland kill and eat them and I will take the odd request for a pike from friends. All zander and perch are carefully returned too, as are eels in the summer. Love the camper too. You're a Boro fan too aren't you?

    All the best, John

  3. One of the finest feelings I know is a wood burner after a bitterly cold days fishing John! Nice bit of action there . I am chubbing tomorrow, weather looks set fine....bucket of mashed bread and tub of murrired caggots! TTFN Dickie

  4. All being back on the pike tomorrow afternoon for a few hours. Enjoy the chubbing and stay warm.
    All the best, John.

    PS Boro won 3 - 0, time for an Old Speckled Hen


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