The Light Programme

      Our farmer friend had been having a good old root around and a clear out in one of his buildings when he unearthed a little bit of bygone ephemera from 1948. A copy of the Radio Times from April 25 - May 1. Nowadays they would call it a Collectors Edition or some such nonsense, in most cases it was probably a fire lighter in those days.
      Apart from the impending celebrations on the Silver Wedding of their Majesties there is the really interesting stuff on Saturday's Light Programme.
      How about an illustrated talk on the radio? That's right up there with Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, a ventriloquist and his dummy on the radio? Then there's Mr Cricket himself, John Arlott, in a supporting role so it's obviously early in his career.
      There is also a commentary by Raymond Glendenning on an important Football League match.
      I can guarantee it wouldn't be Middlesbrough being featured, or Ipswich.


  1. Probably not. Ipswich would have been in Division 3 South. Colchester probably playing on the Rec!

  2. Boro had a great team then, Mannion, Hardwick, Camsell, Fenton and others. It's almost folklore amongst Boro fans that first the Kaiser and then Hitler robbed Boro of First Division winning teams.
    Nice Pike yesterday BB, I'm going out this afternoon but it's bloody sunny again. All the best, John

  3. Lovely stuff John! The Bluebirds were in Div 2, finished higher than Spurs! Chucking it down here and freezing - chubbing today and keep re-filling the tea pot, can't quite get out! Last knockings now, only tomorrow left. Good luck after the pike, TTFN Dickir

  4. Thanks Dickie, the bloody sun is blazing down here, I wish it was dull and wet. Good chubbing, John

  5. If, like me, you were exiled in Lancashire, you'd never use the phrase, "I wish it was dull and wet"...

  6. fair play there Absinthe, I'm out this afternoon and the sun is blazing down again in West Norfolk. John


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