The writing on the wall

      A journey into deepest Suffolk, me driving and the boss in the turret, and we just loved this pair of ties that we saw on the gable end of a cottage. What do the two huge steel letters stand for? Brian and Susan? Barry and Samantha?
      In truth they could be any combination of names and they could equally be the initials of the people who commissioned the blacksmith or the blacksmith himself.
      Whatever the answer they're quite a bold statement against the flint and brick wall of the cottage, although the chimney stack does need a little pointing work done.
      One thought struck us as we drove away to continue our journey home, they could be the final word in a disagreement with the neighbours utilising the shortened form of bullshit.
      No, never, people in Suffolk are far too polite for that kind of gesture but if we ever see ties in the form of FY we'll change our opinion.