There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of the rest of the UK

The soapbox. Part 3

      Here we are again, back on the beermat hustings, in the saloon bar getting the blood pressure nicely raised and a head of temper built-up too. Many thanks 'Angry of Herefordshire' aka Jim Dening for lighting the fuse.
      Freedom of information, that's a double edged sword that mostly works against us. Information about us is dispensed to third parties but for instance, you try and find anything out from the DVLA about a driver's address and you are peeing into the wind. I feel a grump coming on so you'd better debate freedom of speech amongst yourselves.
      Right Nick are you getting a round in? Fantastic, mine's a pint of Abbot and tonight the boss feels like a nice glass of Burgundy.
      What do you mean, there are crisps and lemonade waiting for us on the pub step outside, aren't we good enough for you? Just make sure the receipt says crisps and lemonade and not Burgundy.
      After all we're just the electorate.