Troubled skies

      Another day of strange weather. The wind blew and became the razor-edged lazy wind again. It rained a little too and for good measure we 'enjoyed' a hailstorm then, ten minutes later a snowstorm and all this in an hour while walking the two Jack Russells.
      Before we got back home the evening sky turned into this strange cloud formation. Don't ask what it this cloud phenomena is called, we have no idea. Is it the back of a front or the front of a front? Or maybe a sky of two halves again?
      Whatever it is it doesn't look real, as if someone in the weather factory has been pulling layers of cloud away until the get the effect they want.
      When we mentioned it to the farmer and our other neighbours they hadn't even noticed the special effects up in the sky.


  1. Wow! We are watching Mr Turner tonight with a generous libation - he would have liked that sky, worth millions! TTFN Dickie

  2. A truly weird sky, it is West Norfolk though. Oi blame them Hamerican jets and aliens. You mark my word. You see. more beer please.


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