White line fever

      What a fantastic morning, a bit chilly but what a sky, and it's a sky of two halves. A beautiful clean, straight East to West vapour trail cutting the sky in half. It looks like the aircraft must be eight miles high, easily but it's going to be a lovely day down here as well as up there.
      No doubt jobs around the house will have to be attended to and then there's the garden and the guns to clean because with all the sugar beet that has been sown in the last week, when those tender little green leaves break through the pigeons will be descending like an airborne plague.
      Then, just for good measure, the two Jack Russells will be banging on about going for a walk too.
      It's all go in West Norfolk, believe me. It's difficult keeping up with the pace of life.


  1. There's another song about 'White line fever' too but I can't remember who sang it. The Byrds are in there too. John

    PS No footy and no fishing, boring.

  2. Hang about TT, a perfect footy Saturday!! The boys in red currently winning in Israel and top of the group....the beer is ready for the final whistle! TTFN Dickie

  3. What have Internationals got to do with football? That's a circus. John

  4. Hello and good evening. Well done that man. John


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