A pint by the river

      Those good people at 'Caught by the River' asked me if I would produce a front cover illustration for their 'Fanzine'. It is called 'An Antidote to Indifference', this current issue is all about beer so the title was changed to that of a pub called 'The Antidote to Indifference'. What excellent lateral thinking.
      The linocut is a simple monochrome cut featuring subjects close to the heart of those who produce the 'Caught by the River' website: water, landscape, angling, birds and maybe, just maybe in those off duty moments, beer. Also in the picture is Barney, one of our Jack Russells who is an ace thief and he can be seen homing in on the pork scratchings.
      The cut shown below featuring the hop vines is for use on the website whenever that lovely topic of beer turns up.
      Well, being Sunday and the time is almost twelve thirty we reckon it's time for a pint of IPA. Or Abbot. Or Speckled Hen. We could go on but we're going to have a beer instead.
      By the way the fanzine can be purchased direct from Caught by the River for £5.00.


  1. How splendid is that! Liked your Zanderland piece on CBTR John, very enjoyable - stonking perch, ttfn Dickie

  2. I had just landed the perch, weighed it on the Avon Scales and was about to return it to the drain when the farmer came down. He'd been cleaning his 12 blade plough, hence the mucky hands and finger nails. Fag hanging out of his mouth he said, and I quote pretty well verbatim. "Fuck me, I ain't never seen a bugger as big as that bugger. Bugger me." That covers most orifices then. 4lb 3oz, I had two others that day in the 3lb band. Red letter day. John


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