A real man's barrow

       Hand-built and hand-made by the local carpenter, a 'bespoke' wheelbarrow that is still in use sixty years later, apparently he used to make brilliant steps, ladders and stockyard ladders too.
       On this big old bruiser of a barrow only a new wheel has been added, well we can't believe that one is the original because it looks as if it has come from a traditional builders wheelbarrow that's rusted and rotted away. Even the paint is the original paint too, in fact everything bar the wheel is original, not bad going Mr Carpenter.
      It weighs a couple of hundredweight so that it can carry that load and many others without buckling under the strain and it's somewhat ironic that it is full of wood to be split for kindling.
      Why didn't they paint it Norfolk Bog Door Blue? It's not even finished in that other heritage colour Norfolk Green Privy.


  1. Bloody hell TT, another mad football weekend. Great win for Boro, Ipswich got a point and as the cliche goes, "all to play for". Who knows what's going to hapoen ? Ipswich vs Norwich in the play offs.....now I'd make an effort to see that !

  2. More twists and turns than a sack full of snakes. I am exhausted. Neighbours made rude gestures.

    Who cares? Not me.

    All the best,


  3. Beast of a barrow that John, love those 'daffs by the drain, very pleasant. It's tight at the top, going down to the wire - who can hold their nerve? Watford kept their powder dry and Bournemouth cocked up - what a Boro win! Bluebirds as dire as it gets...always next season...toughest league in Europe the Championship and the cruelest! TTFN Dickie

  4. You're not wrong Dickie, and next year it will be a different set of teams trying to get up to the Premiership and win some money.
    All the best, John


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