Foxy lady

      This surprise arrival in the middle of a freshly drilled 22 acre field of Sugar Beet caused the two Jack Russells to freeze in their tracks on an early morning walk and start a growling marathon. The intruder, two hundred yards away was stalked, barked at and finally peed on, poor girl.
      A fashion mannequin is a little bit of a powerful statement in the world of scarecrows as well as a lovely bit of lateral thinking which is actually working to keep the pigeons at bay. It would be doing this lovely lady a little bit of a disservice to call her a scarecrow, more of a rather seductive 'fashion crow' in reality.
     By the way the cane is not for discipline, or even something for the weekend, it's to tie a banger rope on. This is just getting worse so I reckon I'd better stop.
     It's just a bit of harmless fun really.


  1. I knew you were going to say the dogs peed on it! She would look slightly more fetching in a bobble hat I think. You could always sneak a Boro shirt on to her John.....that really would scare the birds!! Only kidding! TTFN Dickie

  2. Funnily enough the bald head and face are keeping the pigeons off. The bald head looks like a face looking up to the pigeons flying over and there could be a gun. 300 yards away over a ditch is another field of beet and counted well over one hundred on there and none on this one. She is becoming a bit of a target for the .22, bless her.

    All the best, John


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