Froth on the branch

      The blossom on the Laxton's Early Plum is now showing in the groves of trees at the far end of the orchard. There are plenty of insects at work in the blossom and if the heavy April showers and hail can stay away until the plums are fully formed we should see a great crop.
      You'll will never see these plums in the large stores, if you are lucky perhaps at a farmer's market or being sold outside someone's gate at the roadside. Their life is short when picked, a couple of days at the most, so as a plum they don't conform to rules of 'the supply chain', more's the pity.
      If you see some of these plums for sale in a couple of months time treat yourself and as a bonus they make fantastic jam too.


  1. In direct contrast to supermarket fruit that lasts for ages......but tastes of nothing.

  2. You can't beat the 'Logistic solutions to the supply chain', unless you buy or pick local.

  3. Made play offs on goal difference.....I knew it'd be Norwich ! Ipswich v Boro final , who knows ?


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