Lost masterpiece found in Nissen Hut

      This looks like the corner of an unfinished painting by Howard Hodgkin so maybe I've stumbled on the beginnings of an unknown masterpiece; a bit of an unfinished symphony you could say.
      Even with this little sneaky peep you can see the early evening sky, the ashes rising from a Fenland bonfire and the brown of a freshly drilled beet field
      In the great tradition of Pickles, the dog who found the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy aka the World Cup in 1966, this work of art was found by Minnow the Jack Russell Terrier while she was rooting around in a Nissen Hut. Mind you, it's always dog walkers and their dogs who find bodies and murder victims but we won't go there.
      I think a phone call to Sothebys or Christies is in order so this evening so I'll unpack the whole thing and take some more photographs for authentication. The tasteful glimpse of Norfolk Bog Door Blue at the top left will probably clinch it.
      How are we going to spend the money?
      We'll think of something.