Stop Press!

      That good friend and master of letterpress, printing ink and pints, Martin Clark at Tilley Printing has kindly sent me some proofs of part of a set of posters he is producing for Nick Alexander who has written the text. The Two Terriers will feature the other posters and their words of wisdom here over the next couple of weeks.
      There's nothing like a large scale letterpress printing, from the way the ink goes onto the paper to the paper itself. There's even a trace of that most wonderful smell of printing ink lingering and that's a week after the parcel was opened. The finished posters will be available for purchase at Tinsmiths in Ledbury.
      Meanwhile I'm going for a sniff of the ink on the other two posters. Splendid.


  1. I like that very much John, very much indeed. What a beautiful thing. Heard of folks dropping the odd "E" before but never sniffing one!! I know exactly what you mean though I have floats that I sniff occasionally....better get my coat....again! TTFN Dickie

  2. The smell of fresh ink, very addictive. John

  3. Yeah, love the poster. I'm more of a freshly opened packed of proper coffee sniffer. Not like you weidos.

  4. ES, you have to come out of the mainstream. John


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