The 'wee sly ones'

      We haven't featured any architectural detail for a week or two but we were coming out of a pub, unusually, when we saw this positioned on the top of a re-erected Wesleyan Chapel. Re-erected?
      Grey and austere and barely a nod to any form of Victorian adornment or decoration, the only extra decoration has been added by Mother Nature in the form of lichen and moss.
      The wee sly ones? Well, my grandfather used to call them that, don't ask me why, but he was told by my grandmother to 'wash his mouth out because the man will be watching and listening'.
      Worryingly the pointy, masonic looking obelisk thing at the top looks more Vlad the Impaler than John Wesley.
      Now for the big question, why was it re-erected? Maybe the former building simply tumbled down like the walls of Jericho, or was it the sight of all the people falling out of the pub at closing time.
      We'll never know.


  1. Hi John, is that where The Family Stone congregate?? I'll get my coat, Dickie

  2. Nay, nay surely not The Mothers of Invention??

  3. No, no we're not in it for the money. John


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