There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of the rest of the UK

      Here we are again, back in the public bar and on the ever popular beer mat hustings, courtesy of Mr Jim Dening, with some more of Martin Clark's masterful letterpress printing.
      This time we're addressing the problems of inequality and austerity and we all know about those two hot topics. Well, we say that we all know about them but they seem to be subjects that don't really affect the Westminster elite. The MPs talk about austerity and inequality an awful lot but I doubt if any of them have ever experienced it, inequality and austerity just bounce off their shiny teflon coatings, that's what the rarified atmosphere of Parliament can do for you.
      Right a pint of Abbot for me Nigel and the boss would like a large gin and tonic with a slice of lime please, oh and some nuts too. Lovely, many thanks. Just a quick question before you start your  speech and answer all the questions from the floor.
      Do you think they'll notice the spelling mistake on the austerity mat?
      We didn't mean to put bankers.