There will now be a party political broadcast on behalf of the vast majority of the rest of the UK

      The great day draws nearer so we're back in the public bar with the beermats, courtesy of Jim Dening and listening to another politician putting forward their ideas one at a time and not having a shouting match with the other playground idiots.
      You could say that the politicians are rich and powerful and that they preserve their own interests but if change comes from the people why does the change always stop in Westminster and the status quo is maintained, yet again?
      Right Ed the usual please, a pint of Abbot for me and a G&T for the boss please. We can't have that? You're buying us something different because you know better, two halves of Milk Stout? What about the bacon sandwich then?
      The boss and I are retiring to the more sophisticated Lounge Bar and buying our own thank you.
      There's always a catch with a politician.