Up periscope

      Whilst we have been driving up and down the A1 this last week we have seen swathes of cowslips and primroses in full bloom but only in those places where they are sheltered from the chilly blast of the northerly winds.
      Along the sides of the drains and dykes in West Norfolk they are a little more reluctant to stick their heads up into the chilly wind but gradually, ever so gradually, they are appearing in the more exposed and windswept locations.
      One of our neighbours, a retired farmer, is encouraging them to grow and spread so in the next few weeks we'll see the full, colourful benefits his policy brings.
      Right on the edge of the dyke at its highest and most exposed point the first cowslip has 'upped periscope' and is testing the air.
      You can be sure more will follow over the next week.


  1. I love cowslips, there's a load along the banks of the A140 too. What a great time of year.

  2. Cowslips and primroses are the most wonderful yellow, it makes you realise how blowsy oilseed rape is.

  3. Great time of year - walked through a lane banked either side with ramsons, primroses and bluebells yesterday - I came over all unnecessary! Dickie

  4. We can't find any ramsons here, some woods in North Yorkshire Moors were carpeted with them. John


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