We need the Buddhists back

      This corner of massive field looks a little bit untidy, even for the average farmer and those rake pattern obsessed Bhuddhist monks would go all of a quiver at the sight of it.
      The headlands on the fields of any freshly drilled crop in West Norfolk are usually just like a temple garden but this one is all tracks and furrows, very unusual. It certainly lacks the calming, serene and aesthetic Japanese temple garden patterns we're used to seeing.
      Being pragmatic about it there will probably be no difference to the size of the yield but standards have to be observed.
      Do I mention it to the farmer? No? I didn't think so either.
      Good job I didn't, because the next morning the Buddhist tooth fairy had been and sorted it out.


  1. He'd been to Young Farmers the night before....

  2. Got it squared away in the morning, so no hangover!


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