A 'Wee sly ones' prize?

      Who says that the Church were not generous to a fault? In this case the Wesleyans.
      Come on hands-up, and if you do put your hand up you won't get the prize of a ceramic mug.
      We did wonder what the lucky recipient had done to receive this ceramic mug; good attendance, learning the scriptures, remembering a psalm word-for-word or simply staying awake through some two hour sermon? 
      The mug has staying power though because lasting from 1876 is no mean feat. Sadly you couldn't get half a pint in it, of tea obviously, but it's a nice artefact and a piece of social history too.
      How did it get to West Norfolk? A travelling preacher probably, maybe Bible John brought it all the way South.


  1. Where do you find all this "stuff" John ?

  2. An inveterate seeker out and collector of crap and junk. There's more to come too. But 'Wee-sly-one' was one of my grandfathers lines with grandma saying 'God will judge you and none of your cynicism in front of the boy'. 'Stuff' is great.

    All the best, John


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