Competition in the hedge

      A Hawthorn in blossom and a rogue Laburnum competing for space and sunlight whilst creating the most dramatic display in a garden that has gone completely wild.
      You can see quite a few gardens in this state in West Norfolk, gardens that have been neglected and have laid siege to the house, surrounding the building with overgrown and rampant bushes and shrubs.
      Then there are the other wild gardens where there was once a cottage that is now a ruin but nature has taken its cue and overrun everything. Shrubs and plants that were once carefully pruned have returned to their natural state and fight for light with the 'wild' bushes and weeds.
      Nature will always beat the gardener. Eventually.


  1. Wow! What a sky! Sorry it didn't work out for the Boro John, was rooting for you, take care and ttfn, Dickie

  2. Dickie,

    As usual when it's a really important game Boro didn't turn up. The table doesn't lie, 1st, 2nd and 3rd promoted. I wonder how many of the three will be coming down next year… The sky is exactly as it was, no photoshop just a filter on the lens, I don't have photoshop in any case! It was seven am and clear and no haze, just a Norfolk sky.

    All the best, John


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