Hanging on the telephone

     The farmer who treats us every year to the roadside display of Father Christmas riding a bicycle and garlanded with brussell sprout stalks, has been at it again with his madcap creative output.
      This time it just happens to be a male mannequin in a classic red telephone box.
      He hasn't got any arms under the grey shirt but he is tied up with a length of rope and, interestingly, there's another slightly more decorative rope that has been tied around his neck. Perhaps the restraints are there to stop, or slow down anybody trying to steal this. Who knows, because we don't?
      Anyway this 'feature' is well away from our normal dog walking orbit so there's no need to get in a panic about banjos being tuned and crossbow practice.
      We reckon it is an 'art installation' with deep and hidden meanings. This time answers are not invited on a postcard.
      Seems like a nice boy though.


  1. It's like a scene from the lost West Norfolk version of the Wicker Man! Creative chap that farmer.....not sure about the rope, you could always ask......if you dare!! Brilliant! TTFN Dickie

  2. Thanks Dickie, we'll just stick to buying his vegetables...


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