Happy taddies everywhere

      We didn't think that there would be many tadpoles this year but one of the lengths of dyke that is about a quarter of a mile long is simply teeming with them.
      They must be a mixture of Frogs, Toads and Newts because all of these amphibians are represented in the waterway along with small Perch, Roach and Rudd. No doubt the Perch will be filling their boots on the protein surplus and hopefully getting ever bigger. The one group of creatures we haven't seen is the Kingfisher family, perhaps they don't eat tadpoles.
      The Herons and Egrets are often motionless on the bankside but we can't believe that they would bother with such a small creature for breakfast, we reckon they are much more interested in the frogs and toads.
      We'll see what's there in the morning checking out nature's larder.


  1. Seeing a few round here now TT.Carp usually love them on Captains.


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