Heavy smokers?

      Those people who lived in the village in the days of the clay pipe obviously loved their pipe full of tobacco and also the leisure time to enjoy a really good drag.
      This selection of broken pipes have all come from the front garden and no doubt there are lots more in there under the soil. Maybe there was an old and long filled-in ditch where farmers and labourers tossed their pipes when they broke or snapped. The circumstances of how such a large collection was found in one place is open to theory and conjecture really.
      You can make your own story up about how they got there in such numbers and that would seem to be the best way to go. They say every picture tells a story, well, in this case we're sure every pipe bowl could tell a story.
      If they could talk we bet that they could tell some tales.


  1. My sister found a similar cache of broken pipes on her farm near Thirsk. There were loads of buried horseshoes too - I hope they'd been taken off the horses first.


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