No apologies, more blossom

      Yes, it is more apple blossom, this time on the Bramleys, everyone's favourite cooking apple although the pictures were taken a week ago. Once again there is an absolute profusion of blossom on the trees which should augur well for the crop to follow in the Autumn.
      Now, here is an interesting Bramley cooking apple fact, so pay attention.
      The farmers have told us that they should not be sold green. They say that when the Bramleys are ripe they should have a red blush on the skin and as far as they are concerned the later they are cropped the better they will be.
      The supermarkets like them green because they 'keep longer' and now that they have convinced everybody that they should be green the public expect them to be green.
      There you are, the 'supply chain solution' strikes again.
      So that all makes perfect sense.


  1. Blossum looks beautiful, pity it doesn't last longer. Bit like my clematis montana that's out right now . The brevity of it makes it even more special.

  2. Sadly the wind and rain have blasted it all over West Norfolk but it looks like a good crop in the autumn.

    All the best, John

  3. May is bursting out all over. The most fecund month I always think,.

  4. It's an amazing month, I love it. Just going to look up the word " fecund ".

  5. Somebody swallowed a dictionary?

  6. Blimey, that's a word you don't hear much these days! You can never have enough blossom TT - thankfully all set here, but still a riot of colour amidst the wind, rain, hail and now glorious warm sunshine....the joy that is British weather. TTFN Dickie


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