Signs of Golden Deliciousness

      All the signs are there for a bumper crop of Golden Delicious in the late autumn. The trees are absolutely laden with blossom and even the farmer said that he hasn't seen them as full of blossom as this in years.
      When we pick the apples they will be truly golden, full of juice and the sugars will have intensified the flavour even more after the arrival of the first frosts although we hope we have seen the last of the frosts this springtime.
      There you are, something else to look forward too just as the new Pike fishing season arrives.
      Perhaps I'll just skip summer with that thought and get the Pike season here a little quicker.


  1. No, no, no ! Don't wish the spring and summer away , it's short enough as it is. The piking can wait.
    Golden Deliciioys John, a contradiction in terms ? They never seem to taste of anything. Give me an English cox that's crispy and a touch sharp any day. Unless you know bettter....?

  2. ES, forget the Golden Delicious in the shops they taste of nothing and are nothing like these. Our daughter came up last autumn and I was ranting about them,' I hate GD's, they taste of nothing' she says. Try this says I. 'Christ dad that is fantastic! What is it?'

    You can guess the rest and yes she's a convert now.

    All the best, John

  3. I'll put it to the test when we arrange a bit of autumn piking !

  4. C'mon Boro, kick those poncy yellow and green arses next week ! I'll be watching and cheering like a seasoned Boro fan, make no mistake.

  5. I think Boro will be fired up and I think it could end up being quite feisty too. Cheer on, an Ipswich man in a red shirt. I like it!

    Up the Boro, John


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