The end of a dyke

      We are always fascinated by this lonely cottage, surrounded by plum and apple trees, that sits at the end of a long straight dyke. Mostly it is used as a weekend cottage and the owners are both fanatical twitchers, if you have a query about the local bird life they are certain to have the answer for you.
      The dyke itself twist and turns at right angles, joins with other dykes and ditches, and finally runs into one of the major drains, namely the Middle Level, and it must be from there that the small fish originate that make their home in the Dyke.
      With the warmer weather the Cott is beginning to appear on the surface of the water so the little fish will have some respite from the Herons, Egrets and, worst of all, the Cormorants.
      The Norfolk Reed is beginning to grow too, so it it won't be long before we hear the Reed Warblers along the embankments.
      Summer is coming.