The last post? One of many.

      There we were cruising along having just visited a nursery to buy some plants to go in the urinals on the fence when this example of relief typography fairly leapt off the wall in front of the car. If it had leapt out in front of us I would have been in trouble as the emergency stop would have brought the boss tumbling out of the turret.
      There it is, a splendid plaque on another village Post Office that doesn't exist anymore and the pride in the building and what it did for the community goes back to the days of the Royal Mail.
      It makes you think really, all these big corporates hunting for brand identity and what did those tits do? They eliminated a brand like the Royal Mail, a brand that appeared on ships, aircraft and trains, even the 'Great Train Robbers' robbed the Royal Mail train in the sixties.
      Ah well, times change but are they changed for the worse?