The purple patch

      The first cropping of what we think is the tastiest and most delicious asparagus ever, Purple Passion.
      The stems may seem short after cleaning but the shoots have been cut very young and all they have lost is the soil covered half inch where they were cut-off under the ground. In fact most of these stems were still under the ground the night before. We still love any asparagus but this is simply the best. No argument at all.
      So here we are, the first night of purple passion in the new asparagus season and it's something to be savoured and enjoyed.
      The white wine is chilling so we are just about ready to go. Marvellous.


  1. Wow! The colours look amazing John, bet they tasted the same too. Even better that they were home grown, I have never grown asparagus but do know it's a labour of love - enjoy! TTFN, Dickie
    ps - I bet the nerves are kicking in with the old play-offs!!

  2. I'm taking one game at a time Dickie. The asparagus is fantastic, the best ever, but it's a short season and there's yet more goodies to look forward too. All the best, John

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  4. Spring treat. Wembley bound?

  5. Can't cope with the tension. One game at a time. Need a beer and it's only Tuesday… Will Ipswich win? I think they will and they'll beat Boro in the final, put a tenner on it. John


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