The soothing symmetry of Fenland

      One of the pleasures of living in the West Norfolk Fenland is the symmetry of the farmland which, in turn, provides a massive contrast to the wildness of the orchards and riverbanks.
      The neatly rolled lines in the prepared soil and the dark line of shadow at the edge of the wheat. Behind that an orchard and the blossom on the Jonagold apple trees followed by the poplars.
      One of the farmers was telling me that the poplars were originally planted to be used in the manufacture of matches but that market has disappeared, so now they are used as windbreaks and managed for firewood.
      They are still being burned but in a different way and after all they are lined up like matches in a box.


  1. Love poplars. Always think of them as Essex trees folowing the demise of the elm

  2. When we lived in Berkshire there were lots of Poplar plantations there. They always remind me of water with that noise the leaves make in the wind.

    All the best, John

  3. I remember the old Essex elms, when I was a boy all this were fields, etc, etc. But it's true. Just been for a walk along the river to Wivenhoe and stopped at The Black Buoy for a pint. Lovely beers in there now, won a CAMRA award this year. Highly recommended.
    Oh, and C'MON BORO !

  4. I'm so nervous about Monday I may have to hide, a Ben Gunn like existence. UTB, John


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