Bread and scrape redefined

      We discovered this lovely Victorian storage jar for 'Virol, a preparation of Bone-Marrow, an ideal fat food for children & invalids'. The jar is about twelve inches tall so you would have been able to spread it on thick with that amount near to hand or maybe it was eked out over a month or two before the next big purchase. Lovely old type on the stoneware jar too.
      Originally it was made experimentally by the Bovril Company in 1899 and the product went onto the market for sale to the general public in 1900 with production in Perivale finally ending in 1978.
      We think it must have been very similar to the marrow, meat juices and jelly that gathers in the roasting tin under a really good roast beef joint on Sunday, and just as tasty too.
      Bread and scrape for Sunday tea it is.


  1. That is amazing John! I have the very same jar in my shed - found it perfectly preserved in the river a few years ago. It would be interesting to see the reaction if this were served up on hot toast in 2015!!! TTFN Dickie

  2. Our daughter and her mum see the scrapings from the bottom of a meat tin as real delicacy. Along with marrow. All the best, John


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