Chocolate hedge fund

      One of our farmer neighbours promised to trim a hedge that was blocking the boss's view and the promise was that if the ugly hedge was radically cut the chocolate cake to beat all chocolate cakes would be heading his way. 
      Well the hedge was radically cut and, as good as her word, a chocolate cake with a white chocolate and mascarpone cream filling topped with white chocolate icing decorated with white and milk chocolate buttons and a giant 'Yorkie' button in the middle was duly made and delivered to the farmhouse. Under armed guard too. Nothing overly sweet or rich you understand but the farmer does confess to a slightly sweet tooth.
      We haven't heard from him or seen him since.
      Death by chocolate anyone?


  1. Hell's bells that's a cracker! Just my sort of cake and the type that gets me into all sorts of trouble - what I mean by that is there is usually just a pile of crumbs in the cake tin with me hiding away from a severe ticking off from The Captain! Not surprised you haven't seen the farmer! All the best Jihn, TTFN, Dickie

  2. Too sweet for me Dickie, I can feel my fillings rattling and twanging now. John


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