Holiday on Teesside

      Two rather splendid British Railways posters from the 'good old days' publicising the powerhouse that was the North East of England.
      At the top a painting of what was once the colossal ICI plant in Billingham just across the River Tees from Middlesbrough and I do believe that the green diesel locomotive is a Deltic but I could be wrong and I probably am.
     Below is a fabulous British Railways poster utilising a painting of a pithead, probably in County Durham. The long lines of coal wagons being filled are preparing to take the coal to steelworks, power stations and to coal yards for domestic use.
      Those were the days, not a dry eye in the house, probably because of the smog.
      Isn't nostalgia wonderful.


  1. Fantastic John! Love those NE wagons at the Durham Pit. It's no Deltic I am afraid (anorak truly on and zipped up now) but another one of English Electric's finest diesel locomotives a Class 40 by the looks of it in early green livery. Steady on Dickie.....pass my flask and sandwiches...where did I put my loco-spotters book? TTFN Dickie

  2. Better get you a travel blanket too Dickie. All the best, John

  3. Now there are three great words. Deltic. Such a delicious word. And English Electric. Of course, that remind's me of simply the best plne ever to fly. The English Electric Lightning. The unparalled power tgat could send it up vertical off the end of the runway. Our only plane that could catch Concorde. Love the font on the LNER poster too.

  4. BB, my mate and I used to fish the River Tees at the end of the main runway at Middleton St George and the Lightnings used to take off over our heads vertically. What a noise. Two engines with a pilot on top. John


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